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Rise and Dine: Minneapolis’ Top 10 Breakfast Spots!

Minneapolis is a city that takes breakfast seriously. From classic diners to trendy cafes, there is no shortage of breakfast spots to choose from.

Whether you're a local looking for a new spot to try or a visitor looking for some delicious breakfast options, you won't be disappointed.

The breakfast scene in Minneapolis is diverse, with options ranging from hearty breakfast sandwiches to healthy smoothie bowls.

You can find classic American breakfasts, like pancakes and waffles, or international options, like Mexican chilaquiles or Japanese-style breakfast sets.

One of the best things about Minneapolis breakfast spots is the focus on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Many restaurants work with local farmers and produce markets to provide fresh and seasonal ingredients. This means you can expect high-quality, delicious meals that support the local community.

So whether you're in the mood for a comforting plate of eggs and bacon or a healthy açai bowl, there's a breakfast spot in Minneapolis that will satisfy your cravings.

Get ready to start your day off right with some of the best breakfast options the city has to offer.

1. Ideal Diner

Ideal Diner
1314 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Google Maps)

Ideal Diner is a cozy, old-school breakfast spot that's perfect for a quick, delicious meal.

While seating is limited to the bar, the staff is friendly and efficient.

The menu offers classic breakfast options, such as steak and eggs and omelets, all cooked right in front of you.

Prices are affordable and the atmosphere is charmingly retro. Highly recommended for a no-frills breakfast experience.

2. Hen House Eatery

Hen House Eatery
114 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402 (Google Maps)

Looking for a delicious breakfast spot with a cozy atmosphere and great service, Hen House Eatery is the perfect place to visit.

With a menu featuring classic comfort food, fresh and healthy omelettes, and indulgent pastries, there's something for everyone.

The wait staff is attentive and friendly, making sure that every plate of food is made with quality and amazing taste. The restaurant also serves lunch and has a great selection of desserts.

If you're in the mood for a drink, the bar has some great options too. Highly recommended for a satisfying breakfast experience.

3. Hazel's Northeast

Hazel's Northeast
2859 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 (Google Maps)

Hazel's Northeast is a bustling neighborhood cafe that serves elevated American home cooking.

The all-day menu is filled with comfort food that is cooked to perfection. The cafe is cozy and has a homey feel to it, making it the perfect spot to grab breakfast.

The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring that every customer has a great experience.

Hazel's Northeast is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious breakfast spot.

4. Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen
813 W 36th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Google Maps)

Our Kitchen is a cozy 80-year-old diner that serves traditional American breakfast and lunch dishes.

With a small griddle and scratch kitchen, the food is cooked to perfection and generously portioned.

The staff is friendly and treats regulars like family. Though seating is limited, the quaint atmosphere adds to the charm.

It's worth the wait for a delicious and authentic diner experience.

5. Hot Plate

Hot Plate
5204 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417 (Google Maps)

Hot Plate is a quirky breakfast spot that offers unique twists on classic American breakfast dishes. The decor is funky and eclectic, with an array of art and knick-knacks adorning the walls.

The menu features a variety of items, including entrees that are decently portioned and of good quality.

The staff are friendly and attentive, making for a great dining experience.

Although the wait can be a little long during peak hours, the food and service are well worth it. Hot Plate is the perfect spot for a cozy and delicious breakfast or brunch.

6. Al's Breakfast

Al's Breakfast
413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (Google Maps)

Al's Breakfast is a small breakfast spot that serves up fantastic food and has a wonderful atmosphere.

With only 14 seats available, you may have to wait for a spot, but it's definitely worth it. The servers and cooks are friendly, and the food comes out fast.

They only accept cash, so be sure to have some on you or use the nearby ATM. The corned beef hash with poached egg and rye toast is a must-try, and the pancakes are also delicious.

If you're looking for a unique and tasty breakfast experience, Al's Breakfast is the perfect spot.

7. Fat Nat's Eggs

Fat Nat's Eggs
2700 39th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421 (Google Maps)

Looking for a breakfast spot with huge portions and great flavors to choose from, then look no further than Fat Nat's Eggs.

This place is always busy, but the fast and friendly service makes it worth the wait. The omelettes are stuffed with cheesy goodness and the hash browns are perfectly crispy.

The American fries are out of this world and the French toast is to die for. The menu has a great variety of selections, including the Nat's Supremo omelette for those who like a bit of heat.

The staff are always friendly and attentive, making it a great breakfast experience overall.

8. Lake and Bryant Cafe

Lake And Bryant Cafe
821 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Google Maps)

Lake and Bryant Cafe is a must-visit breakfast spot for those who crave delicious food and unique specialty drinks.

The cafe offers a nice selection of pastries as well as breakfast and lunch options. The staff is welcoming and friendly, adding to the ambiance of the cozy cafe.

The ingredients used in the food are fresh and locally sourced, making it a perfect spot for foodies. The cafe also has a good selection of vegetarian options, including an amazing tofu sandwich.

With its positive vibes and excellent service, Lake and Bryant Cafe is a great place to start your day.

9. The Kenwood Restaurant

The Kenwood Restaurant
2115 W 21st St, Minneapolis, MN 55405 (Google Maps)

The Kenwood Restaurant is an upscale-casual New American spot with a rustic ambiance and patio seating.

Their seasonal menu features delicious dishes that are entirely made from scratch. The staff is attentive and friendly without being overbearing, and the service is prompt and timely.

The restaurant offers a nicely curated wine list and well-executed classic cocktails.

Whether you're looking for a cozy supper club-like setting or a fun, energetic atmosphere, The Kenwood Restaurant is worth a visit for a unique breakfast experience.

10. May Day Cafe

May Day Cafe
3440 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407 (Google Maps)

May Day Cafe is a low-key coffee shop that offers a variety of decent food items at reasonable prices. They have a selection of sustainable coffee and lots of vegan options, including delicious oatmeal cookies.

The outdoor seating is simple but great in the spring and summer. The bakery case is full of delicious baked goods, including giant cookies and muffins.

The relaxed and comfortable environment is welcoming and diverse. The cafe can get pretty busy, but the line moves quickly.

May Day Cafe is the perfect neighborhood bakery, and they even have a couple of gluten-free options. Don't be put off by the number of people in line because it moves quickly. It is just a sign of how good this place is.