Girls Just Wanna Sweat: 9 Top Women’s Gyms in Minneapolis

For women who are looking to get fit and healthy, finding the right gym is essential. Minneapolis is a city that boasts a wide range of women's gyms, each with its unique offerings and facilities.

Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or just starting, there's a gym out there that will suit your needs and help you reach your fitness goals.

Women's gyms are designed to create a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment for women to work out.

They offer a range of classes, equipment, and amenities that cater specifically to women's needs. From cardio machines to weights, yoga classes to personal training, women's gyms have it all.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best women's gyms in Minneapolis. We will take a look at what makes each gym unique, the facilities they offer, and the types of classes available.

Whether you're looking for a gym that's focused on strength training, or one that offers a range of classes to keep you motivated, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and explore the best women's gyms in Minneapolis.

1. Alchemy 365 North Loop

Alchemy 365 North Loop
246 9th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Google Maps)

Alchemy 365 North Loop is a women's gym that offers a complete workout experience. The gym provides strength training, endurance/cardio, and yoga/stretching to cater to every fitness need.

The workouts are constantly changing, so there's no risk of overworking a particular muscle group.

The coaches are friendly and knowledgeable, providing adjustments to ensure proper form and prevent injuries.

The workouts are scalable, making them suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. Alchemy 365 North Loop is a great place to get a fun and challenging workout.

2. Northeast Fitness

Northeast Fitness
1828 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 (Google Maps)

Northeast Fitness is a women's gym that offers small classes and a variety of workouts to keep things interesting.

The gym has a welcoming and clean environment, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The yoga instructors are attentive to your practice, and the community is supportive and body-positive.

The gym is affordable and has everything you need for a great workout, without any unnecessary extras.

The knowledgeable and encouraging instructors lead small classes, making the gym a friendly and inviting place to get in shape. If you're looking for a fun and neighborly women's gym, Northeast Fitness is the place for you.

3. Studio ME Fitness

Studio Me Fitness
305 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Google Maps)

Studio ME Fitness is a women's gym that offers a variety of exercise classes including strength, flexibility, stamina, and restoration.

The coaches have diverse fitness knowledge and the members include a variety of ages, body types, and athletic abilities. The facility is clean and has great amenities such as showers, lockers, and free towels.

The trainers are all knowledgeable and take the time to help members meet their fitness goals. The community bond and goodwill that Studio ME Fitness represents is fantastic.

It's a great place for anyone who wants to feel welcomed, encouraged, and supported to meet their wellness goals.

4. Train Your Way Fitness

Train Your Way Fitness
5000 W 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55416 (Google Maps)

Train Your Way Fitness is a women's gym that offers a great atmosphere and a community feel.

With a variety of equipment and a turf area, members have everything they need for a great workout. The gym is open 24/7, making it convenient for those with busy schedules.

Personal trainers are available to help members achieve their fitness goals. The owners are friendly and take great care of the facility, regularly updating the equipment.

Train Your Way Fitness is an affordable option for those looking for a clean and friendly gym with a great selection of equipment and trainers.

5. Los Campeones Gym

Los Campeones Gym
2721 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (Google Maps)

Los Campeones Gym is a women's gym that offers top-of-the-line equipment for serious weightlifters.

The gym has a great community atmosphere, where members are friendly and supportive of each other. The gym also has cardio machines for non-weightlifters.

The membership rate is reasonable, and the gym is clean and well-maintained. The only downside is the limited parking.

Despite this, Los Campeones Gym is a great choice for women who want to reach their fitness goals in a supportive and welcoming environment.

6. Solcana Fitness

Solcana Fitness
1915 E 22nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (Google Maps)

Solcana Fitness is a women's gym that is inclusive of queer, trans, and non-binary individuals.

They offer classes for all body types and provide variations of movements for accessibility. The gym has a familial vibe, and the coaches and managers are friendly and patient.

Solcana Fitness also offers sliding scale scholarships for those who need them. They are super welcoming to beginners and provide guidance on form and modifying exercises.

If you are looking for a gym that feels like a community, Solcana Fitness is definitely worth checking out.

7. Peer Mpls

Peer Mpls
710 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (Google Maps)

Peer Mpls is a women's gym that stands out from the crowd. With a fantastic staff that is both motivational and supportive, it's easy to see why this gym is a great choice for anyone looking to get in shape.

The trainers are exceptional and take their time to properly train their clients.

The gym caters to a variety of clients, from beginners to pros, which makes it a great place for anyone to start their fitness journey. What sets Peer Mpls apart is the welcoming and supportive environment that makes the gym feel like a second family.

If you're looking for a gym that gives results and surrounds you with genuine people who want to help, Peer Mpls is the place to be.

8. North Loop Fitness

North Loop Fitness
800 N Washington Ave #108, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Google Maps)

North Loop Fitness is a privately owned women's gym that offers all the essentials needed for a good workout.

The gym is impeccably clean, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The trainers are patient and attentive, making sure that each member gets the support they need.

The facilities are well-maintained, and there is a wide array of equipment to choose from. The owner, Rob, is a friendly and knowledgeable person who genuinely loves his job.

If you're looking for a great women's gym to get in shape or stay fit, North Loop Fitness is definitely worth checking out.

9. Barry's Minneapolis

Barry's Minneapolis
701 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Google Maps)

Barry's Minneapolis is a women's gym that offers an exceptional workout experience.

The energy of the classes is contagious, and the instructor named Sophie is amazing. The locker rooms are beautiful, fully stocked, and have everything you need.

The fuel bar is also a great feature that provides an added touch of convenience.

If you are looking for a great workout in a welcoming environment, Barry's Minneapolis is the place to be.